Although candlelit dinners with your partner might be lovely way to spend an evening – it’s super special to have one with your kiddos, too. 
We would normally only have candles for special occasions – like a birthday or on Christmas Eve. But hey, life is special every day. So why not?
We did this on Friday and it was a lot of fun. We made our usual Friday night dinner at home a little more of an ‘event’ by lighting some candles and turning most of the lights off. I’m pretty sure they ate more than usual, too, because they were enjoying sitting at the table so much! 

This was one of the things on our winter fun list. We’re still going strong and really enjoying having a list of things to enjoy and cross off during this wonderful wintery season. 
Some of my fondest memories as a kiddo are doing simple things like this with my parents and my brothers. I think we’ll do this a little more often. 
What’s one of your fondest memories? Is it something lovely yet simple like this, too?
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