Last month I joined the Seven Cherubs Happiness Project, and today we’re all linking up to share our month of journaling.
We’ve had a pretty rough patch as of late and so I felt this was really important to help take stock of what is beautiful in my life, what I am grateful and thankful for and what makes me HAPPY.
I really enjoyed this Project – thank you Naomi for being an inspiration. It certainly helped me stay more focused on what is important. Ending the day with purposefully finding something to be grateful for or happy about is a beautiful thing.
10 – I am thankful that in times as tough as these my husband still makes me smile. He is amazing
11 – I am thankful for meeting new people and trying hard to leave my comfort zone for a little while
12 – I am happy about exciting opportunities and loving what I do
13 – This morning Noah gave me the best hug. He’s not normally a hugger, so this really made my day
14 – Today I’m happy that it’s Thursday and that it feels like Friday – no school for Noah tomorrow!
15 – Today what has made me happy was making our little Easter chickens with the kids handprints, I love them!
16 – Today we got ‘egged’ and it totally made our day. I am thankful for wonderful and thoughtful people and new friends
17 – What made me happy today was watching my little girl and her daddy play on the playroom floor
18 – Today we went ‘egging’ ourselves and Noah really had so much fun, it made me happy to see how excited he was
19 – Today was the last day of school for the term, I’m really looking forward to school holidays, lots of fun with my little guy!
20 – I am thankful to have my hubby working from home today, it makes me happy to walk past the office and see him in there, being able to have lunch with him and bring him coffee
21 – Today it made me happy to shop for hubby’s birthday after a lovely morning at the park with Noah’s kindy friends. Thankful for a bunch of mums + kiddos that are really lovely
22 – Today I laughed so hard when I found that little Chloe had stolen an Easter chocolate and ate through the wrapper. She loved it and it made me smile
23 – Today was a really lovely day and I was so happy to have the time to spend with some family visiting from overseas, and thankful for the firefighters that let the boys check out their truck, and for having beautiful friends here for dinner
24 – What made me happy today? Without a doubt, Easter excitement! Making my kiddos smile truly makes me happy
25 – It made me happy to teach Noah about the heros that have helped make Australia the country that it is and to spend the afternoon with my husband and kiddos enjoying the gorgeous weather
26 – I am so happy that we have had hubby home for 5 days. It was so nice to have all that time to really get comfy at home, to slow down
27 – I am thankful that my life is not lived in fear of violence and that I am safe, my children are safe
28 – I am so thankful for my friends. I don’t have many, but the ones I do have mean the world to me and I would do anything for them. One is going through an awful time, and I am happy that I was able to help her today, but would be happier if I could magically fix everything for her
29 – It made me happy to go out to dinner with my hubby today. First time in a long time, it was nice to know we’re still more than just mummy and daddy, even though we love it so much. Was also so nice to see my brother today
30 – It made me so happy to take our baby girl to the beach for the first time. She really had the most fantastic time
1 – It made me happy that the whoopie pies turned out well! They were fun to make and taste so good. Often when I try something new it isn’t as good as I had hoped, this did not disappoint
2 – I am happy that the kids and I are able to go for walks in our lovely neighbourhood
3 – It made me happy to just relax with a coffee today
4 – Today it made me happy to just come home after a long day and see my husband and read a story to my little boy before bed
5 – I am happy that our beautiful kiddos play so well together. I love them very much
6 – Today 1 year ago our beautiful daughter entered the world. How grateful I am for this blessing and responsibility. She is an absolute delight and I am so thankful for her
7 – Today it made me happy to have some lovely family time, it was a gorgeous day outside and we had lunch on the patio and just enjoyed each other
8 – Mother’s day today. I woke up in the best mood, and just enjoyed the day with my husband and kids. I really appreciated the little gift from Noah that he made at school, and the lovely picture he painted of me. I also received a beautiful hand made card and a lovely gift from my husband. He is so thoughtful
9 – It breaks my heart to see one of my kiddos hurt. But I am happy I was able to make him feel better and that he knows I love him with all my heart
10 – Today I was happy after getting photos printed. I love photographing our children and these photos mean so much to me
Looking at all of that, it’s easy to see it’s the simple things that make me happy. The time spent with family. Watching my kids smile, laugh and play.
a little delightful

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