Thank you all again for your lovely comments and also for your questions! 
I received a lot so I’ll try my best to answer them all :o} So sorry if I missed yours, please feel free to ask again if I overlooked your question! I also got a lot of questions about my stockists, so I’ve also put a quick list down the bottom of the post :o}
Where did you get your cupcake stand?
I saw this on Jade’s blog and fell in love, it’s the perfect stand and what I have been looking for for ages. I bought it from Cupcake City and it is beautiful. I was very happy with the very quick postage!
Where did you get the dome on top of the whoopie pies from?
This was given to me by a friend who no longer wanted it. As it was a gift to her a long time ago she doesn’t know where it’s from but they are not too hard to find, I’m sure I’ve seen some beautiful ones (with glass stands, too) at kitchen stores lately. I used a cake stand I already had.

Where did you get the bottles for the milk, water and lemonade? 
These are acrylic, not glass and they’re 1L in size which I think looks good on the table but needed refilling quite often through the party. No big deal though. They are “smash” brand and you can buy them from coles / woolworths etc. I bought mine 50% off sometime last year, so watch out for specials on them :o}

How did you make the oreo pops? 
I took photos while making them this time. I will post a tutorial soon! 
Where did you get your mini milk bottles?
These are Morgan & Finch brand from Bed Bath n Table. They were $14.95 for 6 which is a really great price. Although I bought these in September last year, I have seen them in store just last week.
How did it go with the glass drink bottles?
Not one got broken :o}
The parents at my party were all beautiful and if their child used a glass bottle it was supervised to make sure they weren’t running with them or leaving them out on the grass etc. I also had some little kid size plastic cups that a lot of the kids used as well. But they love the novelty of drinking out of the bottle with a straw :o} I think the parents enjoyed it, too.
How did you make the tissue paper flowers?
I will post a tutorial on these soon :o}
Where did you get the pink tie from? And also the shirt Chloe is wearing in the cake smash?
The tie is a custom request from Etsy seller Amybugs Original style, here, and the shirt Chloe is wearing in the cake smash I will show you in more detail soon.
Where did you get the garland?
The garland was custom made by Etsy seller Tumblemonkey. It is beautiful and I couldn’t let it sit in the cupboard awaiting party day so it went up immediately in Chloe’s room.
Where did you get the jars from? How did you get the cupcakes into the jars?
I have seen the cupcakes in jars for a while now coming from mainly American sources. Such a cool idea and I really wanted to try it out. Only thing is I didn’t want huge jars with 2 or 3 cupcakes per jar and so I needed small ones. Baby food jars are perfect!
 I bought a dozen pureed apple baby food jars and the kids ate some + I freezed a lot of it too for use later. I soaked them in hot water for a little while to remove the labels easily and then washed them, then just before I used them I sterilised them. 
This is SUPER easy to do. I just made up a dozen cupcakes as normal. When cooled completely I took a cupcake and cut the top off. I then carefully pushed the bottom half of the cupcake into the jar and pushed it down so it was at the bottom of the jar. Then I used a disposable piping bag + tip to pipe some icing on top of that first cupcake layer. I then pushed the top half of the cupcake into the jar and finished off with a swirl of icing on top. I just used my basic vanilla cupcake + frosting recipe. You could use any recipe really! Because you make the cupcakes as normal, the sky is the limit to what flavours etc you put into those jars. Hmm, does this make sense? Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the process so I can’t do up a tutorial for you right now. But since they were easy peasy and yummy I’m sure we’ll be doing it again soon and I’ll be sure to take step by step photos. 
Where did you get your polka dot straws?
These are from The Princess and the Pirate and they are really REALLY cute!
What are the large jars in the background to the right? Where did you get those large jars?
These are cookie mix jars, or as I like to call them, take + bake jars. They are filled with the dry ingredients needed to make some cookies. All the recipients have to do is add the egg, butter etc. I have always had to alter the original recipe found at Bakerella’s slightly depending on the size of jar I have. If you look at the Christmas ones I did I have an extra layer of m&m and oats on the very top, where as here I had to cut out some of the white sugar and lessen the amount of m&m and choc chips so that it would fit nicely. I always do a test batch before I make the other jars to make sure it is all going to turn out yummy. If you don’t alter the flour, bicarb and too much of the rest you should be fine and end up with a nice cookie. 
I bought the jars from a $2 shop. I started out with one, and when I found it fit nicely and the recipe worked, I went back and bought some more. Make sure the jar you buy has a good lid so that the contents can stay fresh for quite a while!
Where did you get the wooden spoons from and who put the “C” on them?
You can buy similar wooden teaspoons from The Princess and the Pirate. I used a stamp and some pink ink to put the “C”s on the spoons. I saw this idea here.

How did you make the pink lemonade?

Just some store bought lemonade (soft drink) + 1 tiny drop of red food colouring. I was planning on making real lemonade, the kind that isn’t fizzy, but I ran out of time last minute so this is what we had instead. :o}

Where did you get the pink and white M&M’s from?
As I have known that we were going with a pink polka dot theme for her 1st birthday for a long time, I was able to buy the M&M’s from breast cancer month in October of last year. I kept them in the fridge to make sure they didn’t melt over our long hot summer and that ensured they were still fine for our party. Their use by date was ages away, which of course also helps!

Mini glass bottles : Bed Bath n Table 
Polka dot garland : Tumblemonkey
Cupcake stand : Cupcake City
Chloe’s flower head band : Shabby Lane Boutique – The Mia, Vintage Pink
Noah’s tie : Custom order from Amybugs Original Style on Etsy
Carafes : these are 1L acrylic and are the “Smash” brand – bought from coles or woolworths, I can’t remember!
See part 1 and part 2 of the party here.

Thank you for all your beautiful comments everyone! It was fun to do up the printables and of course all the other things for the party too. So rewarding at the end when it’s all put together! :o}

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