Thank you so very much for all the lovely comments everyone. It was certainly fun to put this together and I really enjoyed it.
Here’s a little more about our Pink Polka Dot Party!
We served pink lemonade, iced water and strawberry milk in carafes. I wish I could take credit for the macarons but I didn’t get past reading the recipe in my book and figuring out that I don’t have a thermometer or 3 day old egg whites! The gorgeous macarons are from For Goodness Cakes and they were delicious. Not one was left at the end of the party. 
The cookies are sugar cookies with royal polka dot icing. 
I used our ice cream sundae cups for the mini candy bar.
The oreo pops are always a huge hit and I love making them. This time I used little round pink sprinkles to tie them into the theme. I attached simple little flag printables, too. The mini candy bar featured mini pink + white marshmallows, yoghurt covered sultanas, mini pink piglets, peppermints + musk shots and pink + white m&m’s. The little clear plastic scoops had polka dot ribbon tied to them. 
The recipe + instructions for the bake + take jars {the large jars at the back} are adapted from my christmas cookie jars + bakerella’s original recipe. 
On the back of the “polka-dot cookies” label I’ve put the additional instructions and ingredients required so that our guests could bake these yummy cookies at home :o}

Below has got to be my favourite photo of the entire day. All dressed and ready for the party to start and she is taking a peek at her table and trying oh so hard to reach everything. We had to move the mini candy bar back as she was able to get her hands on those sundae cups.
Trying to get a photo of two highly energetic kiddos who would rather be touching all the stuff on the table is hard hard work! And although they are a little blurry, I do love the photos of the both of them together. Noah wore a pink polka dot tie for his little sister’s birthday and has proclaimed he now loves ties.

Our little girl enjoyed her day I think. She was pretty smiley all throughout even though of course I don’t think she really got what all the fuss was about! :o}

I will answer a whole bunch of questions + list my stockists in a post tomorrow. Coming soon, tutorials on how to make the oreo pops + tissue paper flowers + Chloe’s cake smash shirt! :o}

a little delightful