Growing up I had career aspirations and dreams. I wanted to be a teacher, event manager or marine biologist. I started studying to be a teacher and changed my mind, and moved onto event management. This suited me better, but the course was not exactly what I was after, so I shifted direction and took up media and photography. I gave up on the idea of being a marine biologist when I learnt I’d have to dissect marine animals. Yeah, pretty much crushed that dream for me.

But the moment I became a mother, my dream came true. It might sound sad or silly, but the truth is that growing up, a Mama is what I wanted to be. Of course my other aspirations were and are important, too, but deep down, this motherhood gig is all I ever really truly wanted. 
I haven’t been a mama for very long. 4 years and 3 months. But it really has been the best 4 years and 3 months of my life. Every day I am grateful for this opportunity and responsibility that comes with raising my children. I am thankful also for my mother and the other amazing women in my life that help me grow and learn and become all that I can be.
I try to remind myself to take time. Breathe. We get so busy and so stressed. But life is in the small things. The good morning hug. The way they like their sandwich cut. Story time. The glass of milk before bed. And all the laughs and smiles in between. Those are the things that matter and those are the things that will be remembered and cherished.
Motherhood is amazing. Smile. You are wonderful & beautiful, especially in the eyes of your children. 
 a little delightful