The other day I was in a shop and I plonked my bag on the counter to get my wallet out.
The lady was so intrigued by my bag organisation. She actually talked to me for nearly 10 minutes about her bag troubles and thought this idea was brilliant. Truth is, I just didn’t want to buy a pricey contraption to help organise my bag when a few $4 multi-use pouches from Typo do just as well.
So typically this is what you find in my bag, +/- a sippy cup or two and a container of snacks.
3 see-through mesh zip up pouches, 1 for me, 1 for Noah and 1 for Chloe.
2 x enviro sacks
Sunglasses case
Coin Purse
Wallet {ugh, needs replacing!}
Nappy change mat {+ nappies and nappy disposal bags + paw paw ointment}
External Hard drive
This makes keeping my bag organised very easy. And means I can carry around stuff for me, stuff for Noah and stuff for Chloe in a way that makes it easy to distinguish and find when needed. In my zippered pouch I carry a tape measure, spare pen, lip balm, tissues, panadol, my inhaler and other bits and pieces. In Noah’s we have a toy airplane, coloured pencils, a small notebook and a little ‘snap’ card game. In Chloe’s we have a container that always contains rusks, plus a rattle, a comb and a spare bib.
And so this is what that all looks like stuffed into my bag
How do you organise your bag? I really like this method, especially because people were loving calling me Mary Poppins because I had to search around in my huge carpet sized bag for stuff. I often had heart attacks because I couldn’t find my wallet or my keys in that huge mess and would end up having to empty 90% of my bag out onto the floor to find what I was looking for. Now that doesn’t happen as this method works well for me and is easy to upkeep. It has also meant that I can use smaller bags because I keep the ‘stuff’ organised.
a little delightful