I thought this wooden cutlery was just the perfect touch for our Adventure is Out There Dessert table as it so beautifully matched the look and feel of the theme.
Tied with some lovely blue and white twine and it is just oh so cute.

I used plain kraft paper bags for the take home goodies. Inside were a pair of binoculars for each child and playdough. I had 2 other items to place in here, a bouncy ball and an airplane shaped pencil sharpener but when you’re silly like me and don’t count how many siblings may end up coming – you end up not having enough and then just omitting them from the take home bags all together. Yep no lollies in our take home bags – I felt the kids would get enough sugar from the cupcakes and cookies I made!
On the bag I placed this label saying “thank you for being part of my adventure”.
 I love to wrap according to colour scheme, and this time what better way to wrap than to use many of the elements that made up the table. The strips of map I used to wrap the home-made rice bubble bars on the table were used here to accent some plain butchers paper I used to wrap his gifts. Again adding some of that delightful twine and it’s all just too cute. 
I’ve had a couple of emails asking for the instructions for the chocolate dipped oreos. They are really easy! I am no expert but I will share how I made them.
I melted my chocolate in the microwave in small bursts, stirring after each 30-40 second go. Once it had melted and was quite a runny consitency, I used small metal tongs to dip the oreo into the chocolate. It was helpful to also have a spoon to help cover the cookie in chocolate. Then I shook off as much of the excess chocolate that I could and placed the cookie onto a baking sheet on a cookie tray. After I made them all I placed them in the fridge to set.
For the N’s I used some of the left over chocolate from dipping and coloured it using oil based chocolate / candy colouring. I spooned it into a zip lock bag and snipped a tiny hole in one bottom corner in order to use it as a piping bag. I then just piped the N’s on, and placed the cookies back in the fridge to set again.
Easy and yummy and really great to look at!