In keeping with the Disney / Pixar “Up” movie, and wanting to incorporate balloons without them taking over the Adventure is Out There theme, we added a large bunch to his outdoor cubby house to look like the house and balloons from the movie. I actually think we could have doubled the balloons but I wasn’t sure how many we would need to achieve the look and under-ordered, seems 15 wasn’t enough! 🙂

But he didn’t mind – and anyway, who doesn’t love a big bunch of balloons!

We also had a small bunch sticking out of a cute little wooden doll house that was featured on the food table. I saw this cute idea at this Up inspired party. Actually looking at it now, it looks like I have almost exactly the same house, we just didn’t complete the assembly of ours, or paint it! :o}

In over 500 photos of the party, the decorations, the tables, the dessert table, the kids, the activities etc, I don’t have a photo of the whole food table. The party was during lunch time, so we organised for the kids to make their own pizzas {this was popular, very easy but a little hectic! hence no photos!}.
We also had preservative free sausage wrapped in puff pastry, meatballs, spinach, leek and mushroom quiche, crackers & dip, veggie sticks {capsicum, celery, carrot & cucumber}, fresh fruit and dairy free fairy bread. 
I made a little “My Adventure Book” for each of the kids. Inside was a bunch of little ‘tasks’ to complete in order to earn a badge / sticker. This was in lieu of party games since my little guy isn’t big on participating in party games. This book is based on the printable “My Adventure Book” that you can download from here. I changed it to suit the party, and also the fact that all the little kiddos were only 3 & 4 years old.
Inside the book and a look at some of the badges. The badges are a mix between some from the printable book, the internet and self-made.
So once the kids completed a task they got a badge in their book. 
‘Wear a disguise’ consisted of this:
These are such a cute idea, and a free download from Living Locurto
Next I will share a few more little table details, the take home bags and some gift wrapping.