So my little guy started Kindy yesterday. You would think that since he attended a 3 year old kindergarden program last year and by the end of the school year was attending 2 days per week that going back would have been a breeze for me. 
Not so. 
I wasn’t ecstatic with sending him 2 days a week, and now his kindy runs 3 days a week. I know, I sound totally clingy, but I LOVE having him around all day. He is such a joy, completely and utterly a wonderful person to be around.
So I miss him and it feels weird not having him here. But school has been so good for him, my boy used to be so shy he wouldn’t play on play equipment at the park if other children were on it. I think he had only been without me two or three times up until that day last February when I left him at school for the very first time. He has come such a long way. And so have I. I’ve never had tears from him, which of course has made the change for me a little easier. He loves school, and yesterday that was his ‘thankful’, going to school. He is still shy, but I think that is just him. At least now he can play and interact with other children, he is more confident. And I have learnt to let go a little. But it was still hard, hard to admit my boy is growing so very fast and soon he’ll be at school each day.
We do a few things to make actually getting to school on time a little easier. The night before, we lay out his clothes. We use this basket.
And we put his uniform and socks / underwear in here, ready to go in the morning. It is so much easier if everything is in one place, and I found that ‘laying’ out the clothes over a chair or what not just doesn’t work for us, bits go missing, someone moves it, etc. 
The basket lives on the shelf in his bedroom. Nice and easy for him to access in the morning.
We pack his bag the night before, and it sits on the couch waiting. This means I can place any notes / forms in here without disturbing his sleep.
In the morning when I get up and prepare his lunch and drink bottle, I put it next to his bag when ready as he loves putting it into his school bag himself.
Yesterday he was only there for a short time, so I only needed to pack fruit and a bottle of water. 🙂 Usually though when I pack his lunch, I will make what can be made the night before, and it all gets placed together on a shelf in the fridge put aside just for this to make packing lunch in the morning a breeze.
I used these OH SO CUTE little fruit stickers from Twig and Thistle. They are absolutely divine!
I hope all kiddos are having / have had a great first day!