9 months ago today my little girl was born.
I cannot believe just how fast time flies. Where has it all gone?
In 9 months you have blossomed into a beautiful little soul. You are sweet, you are funny and you have the most radiant smile. You like to play games, hang upside down and are crawling around like there is no tomorrow. 
You eat only teeny bits, but what you like to eat surprises us, olives and fetta are the most surprising, you have your father’s palate. 
You pull yourself up with the aid of any furniture that is the right height. Occasionally you try to take a step and come tumbling down. Soon sweetheart, soon you will be walking. I can see just how happy you are on your feet, and how you think it’s so very neat to stand on your tippy toes.
You love to play with your brother’s cars, anything that rolls are a favourite too. But I think your most favourite thing in the world is a shower. You squeal and clap and laugh when we are getting you ready for a shower! It is the cutest thing.
Thank you for being just the sweetest baby. You brighten up our days and we love you with all our hearts.