We all know growing up means more responsibilities. I know I’m a grownup with responsibilities as we just paid for a major car service! Haha. {Oh okay and I have two kids and all that raising them entails but you know what I mean}
Luckily when you’re 3 you don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff! Instead, your responsibilities are things like making your bed, and putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket. I made up a rewards chart for my little guy – I was tossing up between ‘chore chart’ and ‘reward chart’ – I guess it’s really the same thing but we decided to go with ‘reward chart’. He has a few set tasks that he gets a sticker for if he completes them on that day. 

We talked about what his little chores are and he was excited about it. He’s been waiting for me to do up a little chart so he can earn stickers. So we hung it up for him.
And he promptly went off to earn a sticker.
If you would like a chart like this for your child, you’re in luck! They are for sale in my Etsy store. They are personalised with your child’s name, your image of choice and also your choice of colours. There is also a selection of fonts to choose from. You can opt to have the chores included {up to 5} or to have those boxes left blank so you may write your own in. You will be e-mailed the PDF file {you will need Adobe to open it} and you may print the chart out, for your personal use only, how ever many times you like.
We wrote one in ourselves the other morning as was suggested by Noah himself, he wants to get all dressed on his own and earn a sticker for that. No problem buddy!