One of our Advent activities over the weekend was to make some Reindeer Food. This is a tradition in our home and I love the simple fun of it.

All you need is some oats, sugar, food colouring {red & green} and some edible glitter if you like. Please make sure it’s edible glitter, as you’re putting this out in the garden and it may attract birds or other animals and if eaten you want to make sure the poppets will be ok!

Here’s our set up:

You want to find sugar crystals that are quite large for the best effect. Don’t use caster sugar for this. 
Here I have dyed raw sugar. You only need a few drops (2-3) of food colour for the amount of sugar in the bowls above. You just mix it all up really well to spread the colour out and let the sugar air dry for a little while so the colour is ‘set.

I used little bowls to make it easier for my little guy. He just spooned the oats and the sugar into a bowl to mix, and then added some of the edible glitter. Then he’d pass the bowl over to me while I filled little plastic bags with the Reindeer Food.

Prepare for a little bit of mess!

Yes, my son is eating Reindeer Food. I couldn’t believe that he liked the taste of raw oats! I am thankful every bit of it is safe to eat! {So definitely the edible glitter folks, not just for the birds and other wildlife – but in case the cheeky monkeys that reside in your house want to eat some!}

Stay tuned for how we packaged this reindeer food for giving to friends, another free printable, and news on the opening of my Etsy store!