So we went a very simple route to package up our reindeer food to bring around to friends’ houses over this week. 
A simple and super cute fold over bag topper!
The poem is the standard you find online and can be found on the back of the little bag toppers.
I suggested to Master 3.5 that we present the Reindeer Food on Christmas Eve in these cute little “Reindeer Food Buckets”. {I was thinking in terms of clean up – you see, last year and the year before we have placed the Reindeer Food on the alfresco area pavement, and someone comes to clean eat it. I thought it would be ‘easier’ if there was just a little bucket to pick up and tip out eat. 
But my son is logical beyond his years and said the Reindeer would be too large to eat out of such a small bucket. 
So our Reindeer Food will be going on the pavement again this year!  
And for my exciting Etsy store news, A Little Delightful is now live on Etsy!  My ever loving and supportive husband has convinced me to “see how it goes”, so here goes! To celebrate, I am offering you 2 things. The first is the gorgeous DIY Printable Reindeer Food Foldable Bag Topper – available as my first Etsy shop product at a discounted price for a limited time! These are so so simple, just print, cut, fold and tape to your bags of Reindeer Food and they already include the poem on the back. Easy!
And even though Christmas is so soon, you still have time to make these simple little gifts that will make your child and any of their friends smile from ear to ear! Or be organised for next year with labels ready to go.
Purchase the printable toppers before the 23rd of December and the below Reindeer circles will be sent as well.

Secondly, these totally cute free reindeer circles below that you can use for you anything, cupcake toppers, tags, even your own reindeer food! All you need to do is email me with Reindeer in the subject and I will send you the file. These will only be available free until the 23rd of December so get in quick. Remember if you purchase the Printable Reindeer Topper from my store these will automatically be included, so no need to email in for them.
  {Please note they do not include a poem and as are all of my printables, they are for personal use only}

The Reindeer food packaged in the tiny jars is just so cute. This was a last minute find while I was out yesterday.

These were both cut out with 2 inch punches.

I’ll be updating and adding products to my shop throughout the year so please make us a Favourite and pop back in from time to time. I’ll update the blog with info too, and any specials we may have!