Ok, Halloween stuff will be over soon. But we just had so much fun I thought I’d share another thing we did.
I love salt dough {but my current recipe isn’t that flash, anyone have a great one they could share?}
I used our pumpkin cookie cutter {same one I used for the iced sugar cookies for the party} and made these little pumpkins. I just coloured the dough orange with some food colouring, and made a little bit of it brown too for the pumpkin stems. 
We made quite a few of these, and there was still some dough left over so of course Master 3 got to do some creating of his own. 
 Before putting them in the oven I used the larger end of a wooden skewer to make a hole so that I could thread the pumpkin with some twine to make a necklace.
I love it when I let him go wild with his imagination and watching him create is such a joy. He had a ball decorating the little pumpkins and in the end I think he made 5 all by himself. This one was my favourite, such a cute face. It was his ‘pumpkin medal’. He made the face all on his own.

I drew faces on them with a normal black permanent marker. I feel this looked better than trying to ‘draw’ the face into the dough before baking. They looked really nice just plain too!
This is such a fun and project and you can do anything with salt dough! We use it for almost every occasion it is that versatile. Every year we make Christmas decorations and have made easter egg shapes, too. I will be making more of these next year to hang around the house as Halloween decorations.
And then also with my pumpkin cookie cutter I made this little guy to accompany Master 3’s lunch that day. You can have so much fun with an inexpensive cookie cutter!