I have to admit I am usually much more organised than I am this year. But we have been having a lovely time with family visitors and just before their arrival the semester at uni was wrapping up so I’ve been busy and put it aside for a little while. Thankfully much of the gift buying had been done earlier. But from today, getting ready for Christmas is in full swing! I made these awfully cute little “Christmas Puddings” in a flash to start of the festive mood. A friend introduced me to these a few years ago and now they feature every year. Too easy and so cute.
This is my favourite time of year. I love Christmas and everything about it. I hope to share with you some of the fun things we will do over the next month.
It is a magical and momentous time especially for children. For us it is a time for family, for faith and reflection, for gratefulness and for fun. 
I make our own Advent Calendar, which is my project over the next few days {here is a sneak peek}. 
I need to sit down and look at a proper calendar to work out which days are best for some of these activities. It means the month flows so nicely and we can always do the Advent Calendar activity that very day {unforeseen circumstances aside, of course}. I made these cards last year and will be adding to them this year.
I have seen this idea on many a blog, I can’t remember where I saw it first. It is just the best idea, I love that it is completely personalised to suit us. I can fill the calendar with some chocolate, no chocolate, stickers, erasers, Christmas decorations and mini candy canes. I will share more photos of it when it is done and hanging on our pantry door!

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