I entered a small photo challenge hosted by Becky Higgins over the weekend. 

I was tickled pink this morning to find that I had won!
It was great to see the photos that made it to the top 13. Check them out here. Some absolutely gorgeous ideas about capturing those special moments in our lives and the lives of our children. I particularly love the gorgeous baby bump photo, submitted by another Aussie!
Becky’s fun photo challenges are designed to help us think outside the square a little, to step aside {or here, up} to find a different angle to take that photo from.
I stood on the step I keep in the kitchen for my son so he can reach the tap {ok, and for me to reach the top shelf of the cupboard} to take this photo of our little girl in her cot. She absolutely adores her butterflies and spends quite a few bursts through the day lying here staring at them.
I have started a couple of posts that never end up making it onto here about Project Life by Becky Higgins.  Mostly because I really want to add photos of my album but never get around to taking them, and so the post never gets published. I am so thankful for my beautiful friend for recommending Project Life to me! She knew it would be right up my alley and had a family member of hers bring it over for me when they were in town.
Project Life has changed the way I take photos and try and capture our memories. I have always been an avid photographer and take a lot of photos. Now a days though I attempt to take one every day and write a sentence or two about the moment in the photo or the day in general to keep in my Project Life album. I love it because it’s like a walk down memory lane. And it is filled with special photos that would otherwise be stuck on my laptop’s hard drive. Most of the photos aren’t quite wall frame material if that makes sense, but they are often more meaningful than the beautiful images that make it to my walls. 
Becky has been so generous and has given me a Digital Project Life kit to try out. {Thank you Becky!} I can’t wait to see how I go and am thinking the digital might suit me better than the real life paper version as although I am ‘up to date’ I have about a month and a half worth of photos that haven’t actually been printed yet! 
Anyone else doing Project Life?