I’ve had a rough last couple of weeks, which is why I haven’t been posting as much as I had planned or wanted to. So on a busy and full on weekend my mind was swirling with thoughts as I did the things that needed doing. 
Am I good enough? Am I giving enough of me to my children? Are they happy? Does my husband get all he needs from me? Am I a good person? What do I need? It went on and on. 
I took a break to stare at my new baby girl. Laying in her bed she seemed completely happy. Outside in the gorgeous weather, my little boy was playing while his dad made some improvements to the cubby house. They seemed completely happy.
And for a moment, all those other worries and questions flittered away. 
Before she was born, I was worried I couldn’t love her as much as I did her brother. 
I couldn’t fathom loving anyone else like I did my little boy. I felt guilty and perhaps undeserving of the blessing of another child. I loved her as she grew in me, as I felt her kicks my heart would warm. But it didn’t quite feel the same as the swell of emotion felt when gazing at my little boy.
But the instant she was born she filled my heart, suddenly twice the size it was before.
I gazed at her, she gazed at me. It was calm and I was lost in her eyes.
I could love them both, just as much as each other. 
Now she is nearly 4 months old – and it seems silly that I had the worry in the first place. 
Maybe one day all those other worries swirling in my mind will seem silly, too.
I hope you had a good weekend.
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