One of my favourite things is a nice warm blueberry muffin for breakfast {with butter!}
I whipped these up a little while ago and they’ve been baked at our house every week since. They’re delicate and delicious and not overly sweet and contain no refined sugar {unless you use brown sugar with the oats on top, though we sometimes use coconut sugar and it’s just as yummy!}
Since they’re not too sweet you really get to appreciate the flavour of the blueberries. 
I’ve called them muffins but I make them in our mini loaf tin.
I usually make the batter in the thermomix but I’ve included instructions for making them with a mixer, too. 

Honey and Blueberry Muffins

90g butter
200ml milk
1 egg
50g honey
250g self raising flour
100g blueberries {fresh or frozen is fine}
A handful of oats and some brown sugar or coconut sugar

1. Melt 90g butter in a bowl, then pour melted butter into your mixer bowl 
{in TMX melt 90g butter at 60 degrees for 2 min speed 1}
2. Whisk together 200ml milk and 1 egg and then add to your melted butter 
{in TMX add 200g milk and 1 egg and mix 10 seconds speed 4}
3. Add 250g SR flour and 50g honey to the milk, egg and butter mixture and mix using the paddle attachment of your mixer until there are no lumps. Batter should be nice and thick. 
{in TMX add 250g SR flour and 50g honey and mix 15 seconds speed 4.}
4. Scrape down the sides and then add your blueberries and mix thoroughly. 
{if using the TMX I add the blueberries and mix by hand so as to not ‘smoosh’ them}
5. Pour batter into lined or greased muffin or mini loaf tin. 
Sprinkle the tops with some rolled oats and brown sugar or coconut sugar.  
Bake in a 200 degree oven for 15-20 minutes {depending on your oven and what size your muffins/loaves are} or until a light golden brown. 
 They are really really really really good warm.