Anyone else feel like last year just disappeared?

I’ve been enjoying some time out while on holiday and have spent some time thinking about last year and about this brand new shiny year ahead. 

My 2013 flew by in a kind of blur. 

I spent so much of it utterly exhausted and I was only just surviving and trying to get through to the end of the day. I didn’t drive further than 15 minutes from my house as I was terrified I would fall asleep at the wheel – I was so tired. Yet I couldn’t sleep at night – so cruel! 
I know being pregnant is exhausting especially when you don’t get to stop and rest when you need to as you’re still running around after other kids, but I have never felt so overwhelmingly exhausted in my life. I was a zombie.

Thankfully we found out my iron levels were incredibly low and my doctor ordered an iron infusion on the spot even though we were just a week and a half away from Owen’s due date.

I struggled through Owen’s first few months. The relentless pained screaming of a baby suffering both silent reflux and lactose intolerance on top of getting used to having three young kids to look after got the better of me and I was totally running on empty. I’m so sad that the first 3 months of Owen’s life are so hazy and that I rely on photos to remind me that there were so many beautiful moments dotted through those long hard days. 
Times of quiet and of those gorgeous first smiles – those were like magic to me. Proof that in there, somewhere, was a happy baby. 
What would I do if I wasn’t a chronic photo taker!

It certainly was an amazing year despite the challenges. We were blessed with a beautiful baby who arrived safe and sound and for that I am eternally grateful. He entered our lives and just like that he stole our hearts.

Christmas came and went all too fast for me, as it always does. 
I was writing Christmas cards on Christmas Eve and laughed at my husband saying that if I start making him sit with me to write cards this coming November it’s for good reason! December is too short! {by the way – our Christmas cards haven’t been posted yet – they somehow made it all the way to Jakarta with us! Useful!}

I really would love a longer month to really enjoy all that is so beautiful about Christmas. We had such a wonderful {busy!} time and on boxing day we left for holidays to visit with my family and it has been so relaxing and recharging here –  just exactly what we needed! 

I am so excited about 2014. About raising these three gorgeous children through another year. About our family adventures – both big and small.
I’m feeling encouraged by our goals and wishes. Our hopes and dreams.
{I’m working on being excited about turning 30! And trying to chill out about Chloe starting kindy – eeek!}

I’m sure there will be ups and downs. Life isn’t perfect and I’m not expecting it to be. I’m sure this year will have its challenges. But I’m hoping to remember to take a huge deep breath on those not so great days and keep in mind that the downs only make the ups that much sweeter. Life is pretty amazing and I don’t want it to just pass me by.

We’ve chosen a family anthem for our year –
Happy – Pharrell Williams

you just can’t help but pop along to it. :o} 

My heart is full. I’m happy and feeling recharged.
2014, let’s do this!

Thank you for tuning in, for being here and for reading what I have to share each time I post. It means so much to have this space and I’m grateful for all of you! 
I hope your 2014 is off to a most beautiful start! 

How is your year shaping up? What are you looking forward to in 2014?