Ok, so you’ve been meaning to try your hand at making oreo pops but you’re worried about how to keep them on a lollipop stick or how to dip them in the chocolate or about how they might be fiddly and complicated?? 

Well now is the time to try making oreo truffles! They’re oreo pops without the stick :o} And they are SUPER easy and quick and way too yummy – make sure you don’t have them around too long or they might not last until the party or get together you’re making them for!! 
{although they can be stored in the fridge for a few days if you were to make them in advance}

Check out my oreo pop tutorial here. It includes the ingredients required plus a few helpful photos in case you haven’t made oreo pops before. 

I have made this in my thermomix and so for those of you who have one I ground up all the oreos for about 4 seconds (so fast!) on speed 6 and then mixed the cream cheese in for about 25-30 seconds on a slower speed – I think it was about speed 4. 

Roll your oreo and cream cheese mix into balls and either place directly onto a lined baking tray or onto little paper cases. 

I like to then chill mine in the fridge for a little while – this isn’t really necessary though it helps the chocolate to set quicker when you go to decorate your little truffles.

Melt some white chocolate and place dollops onto your truffle. Then decorate with a red m&m and half a green m&m.

Ta da! :o}

I made these for Chloe’s class party and then I left them at home. So my other tip would be to definitely not leave them behind ;o}

So what do you think? Easier than a pop, no? 
Still just as yummy!
If you like making and decorating the oreo pops – I do have something super fun to share with you soon! REINDEER oreo pops!