This giveaway is now closed, congratulations Sue L!

Oh boy am I excited about this one!!

The gorgeous Kate, the woman behind UberKate, first created her signature Ubercircle so she could keep her family close while travelling for business. Her gorgeous design was loved by friends and family and they urged her sell her beautiful jewellery and thus UberKate was born 10 years ago! 

Kate said she wanted to wear jewellery that ‘meant something’ and let me tell you I teared up when I opened up the box containing my handmade necklace personalised with the names of our three beautiful children. 

My medium sized Ubercircle is absolutely stunning, made from stirling silver it is really a piece that will be cherished for a very very long time. 
Kate has thought of everything when it comes to creating her timeless jewellery and making sure it really grows and evolves with your life. 
You can add Ubercircle rings in different sizes to create a nested look. {I am going to add one with hubby’s name on it!}
 You can buy blank jewellery and have them stamped at a later date, or add to an existing pendant! {fees apply see faq page for details} I love this for if you have another child! Space permitting of course, you can add another precious bub to your beautiful cherished Ubercircle. 

I can’t tell you how much I love my necklace. And how often the lady behind the checkout or next to me in a line will say they love it, but then when they see that I have three names stamped onto it and ask me who they are, respond with lots of “oooh’s” and “awww’s” which just goes to show that so many people would just love to carry their loved ones around like this.

I am so so thrilled that Kate would like to give away a beautiful Ubercircle to one of YOU!
Personalised of course with what ever you choose. 

If you happen to be the very lucky winner, I know you are going to love it as much as I love mine. And I know that it is definitely going to ‘mean something’ when you open up that box and see your necklace. 
I really am SO happy to have this opportunity, a huge huge THANK YOU to Kate and also to Sonia from Live, Love and Hiccups who is Uberkate’s social media manager for making this happen!!

Enter below lovelies! Good luck!! x