I absolutely am loving all the messages and emails about CHRISTMAS! It means you lot are all as Christmas crazy as me :o} Haha!

One of the most common questions I am asked is where I got my advent calendar(s) – two of them have been on the blog since I started a few years ago – this one which is like a wall hanging {which was from Bed Bath n Table a few years ago} and this one pictured above which is a garland {which is from French Knot Designs}. 
We will be using the garland again this year – I just love it and it’s a little easier to fit our advent activity cards {free to download and enjoy!} in and little treats and goodies. This year we are also adding in a LEGO advent calendar as we’re all a little LEGO crazy at our house. 

When I was in Myer the other day I took some photos of Advent Calendars to share with you all. They have a pretty big selection {more than what is pictured here}. Kikki K also have a fabric one similar to my wall hanging this year, just pale blue and red in colour. 
These are my Myer goodies. I have been in love with the Australian House & Garden range of Christmas decorations at Myer for the past couple of years but I really don’t neeeed anymore Christmas decorations! So this year I just bought a cute bauble, a button garland which is for our living room all year round as well as a cute crochet heart – again for our house all year round. {hehe, is feeding my desire to buy Christmas things but buying things that aren’t specifically Christmas sneaky or smart?}

I’ve been slowly making my way through all the usuals {Big W, Kmart, Reject Shop, Ikea, Myer and of course Bed Bath n Table} to have a browse this year except I haven’t made it to Target or David Jones yet {and probably shouldn’t go!!}

This basket from Kmart was a great buy at $10. It’s going to be used for all our Christmas books but will also be used in the playroom when it’s not Christmas. I also bought a couple of divided kids plates {$2 each} and a set of tea towels {$5} and a Santa matryoshka type doll at Kmart. Oh and a Star shaped chopping board. Kmart is bad!

Ikea have all their Christmas stuff out too and it’s become a tradition that each year we do a gingerbread house {$8 or $9 I can’t remember} :o} 
This year I also found some gingerbread dough {$5} in their freezer section which is going to be a big help since I’ve been a bit time poor in the baking department since Owen arrived! Also these cute snowman marshmallows {$2 or $3} were a little hard to resist.
This is all from Big W and aside from the stencil cards which we will use for art and craft the rest is for our advent calendar! Mini bubbles, little notebooks, Christmas stampers, little wind up toys, some chocolate reindeer and the cutest chocolate coins ever as well as little teeny Christmas books. All the little bits range from $1-$2 each or per pack and the stencil cards are about $8.

These are my reject shop finds.
Little erasers also for our advent calendar. More little stampers and a cute little tin mailbox! The packs of Christmas pencils are super cute, we bought them to give out as part of their class gifts this year! All $2 each except the mailbox which was $4.
And these are from Bed Bath n Table. Seriously one of my favourite stores for anything Christmas related! Just look at the next photo – how I walked out with only the ceramic star {I am thinking that was around the $9 mark?} and a cute little wooden angel {$5} I have no idea!

I love Christmastime!

Have you found some gorgeous things this year? I really don’t need any more Christmas stuff so have been trying to practice restraint. But I honestly have no self control when it comes to Christmas! Do  you!?