Hi everyone!
This post has been sitting in my drafts folder now for two weeks. I can’t quite believe how fast that time has flown! We are certainly in a beautiful newborn baby blur.

Our gorgeous baby boy Owen joined us two weeks ago. As soon as I heard his little cry and held him in my arms I couldn’t stop crying happy tears – he was here! The whole pregnancy had felt a little surreal and sometimes I still couldn’t believe that we even had a baby on the way. 
But when he was placed on my chest and I saw his little face for the first time it was all of a sudden very real. In that instant everything just felt – right. This little baby was meant to be here and meant to be with us. I looked at my husband and back down at our baby and really didn’t think my heart could handle it. 

Owen was born at 11:12 pm on Tuesday August 13 and weighed 3.85kg {8lb 8oz}. 
He has lots of dark hair just like his big brother and sister had. We’re not sure what colour his eyes are and even now at 2 weeks old they’re a sort of browny blue so only time will tell whether he is like big bro Noah with blue eyes or big sis Chloe with brown eyes.
This photo was taken in the hospital the morning after he was born. He is about 12 hours old here. The cheeks! So squishable!
Perfect, tiny, wrinkly feet. 
I couldn’t stay in the hospital very long – I just never feel comfortable there {even though the midwives and everyone else were all amazing!} and I missed my big kids like crazy so I was very thankful when we were given the OK to go home later that day. 
I had our bags packed and ready to go in about 5 minutes flat and then just baby gazed while I waited for my beautiful husband to return with Noah and Chloe so they could meet their new baby brother. I was so excited that we’d be going home later that afternoon!
My little man and I – half a day old.
Noah and Chloe were absolutely amazing when they came in to meet Owen. They were both so gentle and loving and curious and just couldn’t stop staring at him, marvelling at his little hands and little nose and little ears. Noah’s smile when he first held Owen could have lit up the night sky and although Chloe wasn’t sure about having a hold she couldn’t stop leaning over and giving Owen little kisses so I knew she was as smitten as the rest of us. That was definitely a magic moment for both hubby and I, seeing our three children together for the first time. Pretty sure neither of us had dry eyes.
Thank you so so much to all of you who have sent gorgeous messages via email, facebook and instagram for the arrival of our baby Owen! We are so very touched by them all and appreciate you taking the time to help us welcome him into the world. Thank you! xx
It’s been a little bit of a rollercoaster two weeks, as it always is when you bring home a new baby. I have had so many of you who are thinking about baby3 email and message me asking me to share how we’re going and what it’s like with 3 so I will try and do that soon! 
For now – here is another photo of our newest little cutie. I am a bit smitten! :o}