Well I can’t quite believe we have reached 39 weeks and I am only now just posting about baby’s little nursery nook in our bedroom!
This has been almost finished for quite a while, it was one of the first things we organised for our soon to be born baby as I thought it would help make it feel ‘real’ that we were in actual fact having a baby!

It had been waiting for the final, finishing touch, which was a home made cloud mobile to hang above.

The cloud itself is a little pillow. I was going to attempt to sew one myself but this one was given to me by a lovely friend!! Lucky because it’s gorgeous and I’m sure with my pretty limited {think non-existant} sewing skills it would certainly not look as good!
Then I bought some small felt balls from etsy {Felt Foxes if you’re looking for some! Ruth is lovely!} and made 3 little hanging bits with ‘raindrops’. 
I really really love how this turned out :o}

Neither of my kids have ever had a properly decorated nook in our bedroom though both of them had spent a long time in our room because we had always done up a nursery for them while we were expecting. However, at first we weren’t going to do up a nursery for baby3 at all so we could keep the guest room for guests. So I decided that I needed to at least decorate a special space for him in our room.
The cradle is so gorgeous and was given to us by a friend who no longer wanted it. {I know! Lucky us!}
There is a nice big ektorp arm chair next to it and a little ladder shelf for storage of cute little bits and pieces, a nappy change caddy and a basket full of wraps and blankets.

 In the end we decided to do up his nursery as well as we just didn’t have all the space we thought we would for a proper change area or anywhere to store his clothes in here so this lucky baby has two decorated spaces waiting for him. :o}

 Early on, before we found out girl or boy, I had decided on a cloud theme in aqua, with yellow and pale blue if baby was a boy, and pink accents if baby was a girl. This super cute little cloud pillow from Down That Little Lane was my first purchase as it would suit either gender and I love love love it. 
On the shelf beside the cradle are some cute little things we’ve been collecting for baby.
And down the bottom is our nappy change caddy – we had one of these with Chloe and it made life so much easier when you needed to nappy change in the middle of the night in our bedroom. We have everything we need for a midnight nappy change in here, including a waterproof change mat that folds up and fits in the caddy too.
We are pretty ready for our little one now. Although I haven’t gotten through nearly half of my {probably unrealistic} list of ‘things to do before baby’ – I am feeling ok about that because in the end, we will have a little baby to hold and the rest doesn’t really matter. 

So there you have his little nursery nook in our bedroom. It is still not quite sinking in that we’ll have a little one sleeping here very soon!
Can’t wait to show you the nursery!