We made some ribbon rings a couple of weeks ago and my kids have been loving them! I just used random ribbon I had in our wrapping box but I decided to make them some rainbow coloured ones as who doesn’t love all those gorgeous colours all together? 

These are very easy to make, and super fun to play with. I bought these wooden curtain rings at Masters, about $6 for the pack of 5.

And some pretty coloured ribbon from the discount shop :o}

The curtain rings have these little hooks attached, but they are very easy to take out and leave only a teeny hole which I covered with my first strand of ribbon.

Measure out your ribbon by choosing how long you’d like each coloured ribbon bit to be and then double it as you’ll loop the one piece of ribbon through the ring. Place the looped end of the ribbon through the ring and then pop the ends through and pull tightly. 
As I knew these would be played with a lot I also wrapped one side of the ribbon through the ring again and then tied a knot to keep it nice and secure. You could use a little hot glue if you wanted, but so far the loop through and knot has been working well for us.
Do that for each ribbon until you’re all done :o}
Then make sure to cut the ends of your ribbon so they don’t fray.
And then dance and shake away!


please note that if you’re making these for a young toddler – you might need to make sure your ribbon isn’t too long that it may become dangerous. Also, often I have seen these sold as a ‘teether’ on sites like etsy – those are usually made of organic wood suitable for children to put in their mouths so if your kiddo is likely to use this as a teether you might want to consider the bought version for safety.