I absolutely LOVE decorating for Easter.
There’s just something about the soft pastel colours and cute little bunnies everywhere. Easter decor is usually something I feel I could have up all year round and I thought I’d share a little of what’s been brightening a few spots in our home this Easter.

These are one of my most favourite Easter decorations to pull out each year. Our salt dough Easter creations! Some of these go all the way back to 2009, when a super cute 2 year old Noah made his first one! 

Our sweet little Easter tree. The tree actually stays out all year long, just not with the super cute eggs {bed bath n table a couple of years ago}.

Just a few little Easter touches here and there. I have been meaning to pop a cute Easter print in the frame but haven’t got there yet :o} 

I love these super cute moss bunnies and love that this one doesn’t have eyes! {I find the eyes a liiiiiitle creepy!}
This is another of my favourite Easter spots in our home, right in the middle of our dining table. 

Here is a closer look. In the jar we have some salt dough eggs we made. In the basket are some brown paper mache eggs {from spotlight} and white ceramic eggs {from target}, both designed to be painted but I like to leave them blank. 

Our Easter books are all in a basket {Typo wire basket spray painted} on the kids craft table. 

A cute cake stand filled with some little Easter chicks and some super cute carrots which were a thoughtful gift from family overseas!

And our mantle is displaying these oh so super cute glass jars from Woolworths and our gorgeous handprint chickens we did over the weekend! Head here to download your own chicken to print and decorate with your kiddos!

So that is a little bit of Easter around our home! I am looking forward to doing a little more Easter crafting with the kids too and sharing our creations! 

Are you an Easter decorator too?