I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, no matter what your plans are :o} 

We have been having fun with food around here in the lead up to Valentine’s Day!
This is why I love Valentine’s! Not for the gifts or flowers or chocolates, but for the fun we get to have with pink and hearts and love notes. Sure we can do these anytime, and we do even when it’s not Valentine’s Day. But I love an excuse even when I don’t need one. :o}

Heart shaped pancakes! We have a cute little heart shaped pan to make these but you can buy those egg/pancake rings in heart shapes from many kitchen shops. Dust with icing sugar and you’re set! :o} 

Heart shaped strawberries {very easy to do, no cookie cutter required!} on pancakes the other weekend {or you can just have them by themselves!}

Lots of heart shaped fun on these plates :o}

Note to husband: those cute little plastic picks? They are re-usable. I just wash them, not throw them out. 🙁 haha!

I hope you have a lovely day and that your heart is warmed by those you love :o}