I had meant to print these and share them on the blog yesterday but totally forgot, and woke up this morning and realised it was already the first of February! How did that happen?

So this morning I printed out the 14 Days of Valentine’s cards you can find here, and decided on an activity per day as an advent style countdown to Valentine’s day. In years past I have written something I loved about each kiddo and hubby but I thought it would be nice to do the activities this year, plus some days were hard to keep up with 3 notes a day for each of them. This year I will still use the cards as 14 little notes for my hubby, and will just do a random note here and there in the kids.

I popped the first card into our little countdown bucket this morning, the kids haven’t touched it yet but will get them to read it soon as it says we’re going out to dinner in the city :o} To be honest, it’s just stuff we would be doing anyway with only a couple extra special things thrown in. The kids just enjoy countdowns to anything I think! 

Some of our other activities as part of our Valentine’s countdown are:
decorate valentine’s cookies
make love notes for each other and our family
make valentine’s goodies for friends
have movie night together
have a candle lit dinner
go out for ice cream
make some valentine’s handprints
go out on a milkshake date
read our valentines books in the tent

and we also have a few other Valentine’s craft ideas thrown in, as well as a “Celebrate Noah” day since it is his birthday before Valentine’s day.

I know Valentine’s day is usually / traditionally between a couple. But I jump at any chance to do little things like this for my kiddos as well. That doesn’t take away from the fact that I adore my hubby, but it’s just a little extra fun in our home in the lead up to Valentine’s day. My Mum used to leave us a little bag of chocolates and tie heart shaped balloons to our chairs on Valentine’s morning. It always made us smile :o}

What do you do in your home for Valentine’s day?