Finishing off the back to school posts is our new School Corner!

You might recognise this space as the spot our writing workshop used to be – I moved this quite a while ago so that it was closer to the kids work table which left this area a little blank. 
It is right next to our dining table, which is where I though Noah could do his homework at this young age {Year 1, nearly 6 years old} as he will probably need some help or want to talk through things with me and this means I can be close by {usually in the kitchen prepping dinner}. The dining table is also a better height for him writing wise so I am happy with this arrangement. 

The idea for the school corner was just somewhere for us to collect all the ‘stuff’ that comes with being a school kiddo. Bag, hat, library bag, homework folder, diary, notes, homework, readers, etc! So this 2×2 expedit seemed perfect so I stole it out of another room in the house. 

I found a couple of caddy’s to use to help organise school notes and homework supplies and made a label for each basket, one for Noah’s school bag and one for Chloe’s bag {we are toilet training at present, so I keep a bag in here with full change of clothes etc so I can just grab and go when we’re leaving the house}.

I wanted to leave plenty of space on the top for Noah to pop his school homework folder and diary up here when he gets home. Then he takes his lunch box and drink bottle out, pops the bag in the basket and takes his lunch stuff to the kitchen bench. He is now learning to open up his school folder and check for any notes that need my attention. I’ve asked him to leave them up the top, and after I’ve read them I will pop them into school notes caddy if needed, or into the recycling bin if there is nothing else I need from it. 

I also wanted to make sure that when Noah has some home work, he has everything he needs right here. No searching for a pencil or pair of scissors, no getting distracted with all the fun crayon rocks or stickers at the writing workshop. So this metal caddy I’ve had for quite a while was perfect! I also attached an alphabet strip to the back for reference.

The School Corner also had a clip board I can easily pop things up on, and a magnetic board that currently houses a handy reference sheet for Noah and some art work but will soon feature our weekly schedule and the kids reward charts. 

So far it’s working really well and I am very happy I did something so simple yet so effective in containing all the school ‘stuff’ that makes its way into the house each day. Noah also loves that everything has a spot and he knows exactly what he needs to do when he comes home from school.

How do you organise all the school ‘stuff’ – there is so much of it! 

What homework tips do you have for new-to-homework mama?