Well hello there!

I have really missed this little space, and though I didn’t intentionally take a break from blogging, I obviously really needed it! 

We had a really really busy last two months of 2012. It flew by and I felt like I hardly breathed. But it was a wonderful 2 months, filled with a lot of family, a lot of Christmas, a lot of fun, but also a lot of business, a lot of rushing around, a lot of tiredness. So when we went away to see more family in Jakarta after Christmas + New Year, I was just too tired to even think to be honest! 

I ended up just going with the flow, and doing what I felt like doing. I went to bed early some nights after getting the kids into bed, and watched movies with my hubby and brothers on other nights. Some nights I read while other nights we sat around the dining table for hours just chatting. And now I am feeling refreshed and recharged and am so glad I allowed myself to have that time off. It’s in my nature to keep going and I could have been spending my evenings editing photos, blogging and making printables or a dozen other things to keep me busy and as much as I enjoy doing all of that, I can’t tell you how good it was to have a holiday that was truly a holiday – where I let go of all expectations, perceived deadlines and ‘I should do that’s’ and just relaxed

We spent a lot of time by the pool, and in it. Oh to have a pool of our own here at home. My babies are water babies. They begged to go in the pool each day, from the moment they woke up.

The four of us always share a room when we’re there, but this was the first time Chloe was in a bed and not a cot. Walking in to find my sweet babies asleep next to each other each night just warmed my heart.
We took Noah to one of his favourite places, Kidzania. It’s an awesome place where kids have their own little world where they can have a go at being a fireman, policeman, pilot, baker, construction worker, driver, doctor, dentist and even crime scene investigator. 
And it was amazing to see my kids play with my old toys. My brothers and I are all grown ups now, so for years really our toys were hidden away somewhere in the storage room or hidden in hidey spots through the house. Slowly slowly we have been finding them, last trip to Jakarta I found my doll and teddy bear chairs, this trip I found the table and mini tea set and delighted in seeing my sweet Chloe do exactly what I used to do. And I love that she had to do so under the glow of the Christmas tree {which was still up when we left earlier this week!}

We went out to lunch, we made castles with blocks, we did a little shopping. We spent time playing hide and seek, chit chatting with family and drinking bubble tea.
 I had a massage {total bliss!} and even a manicure {first in 7 years!} and my first ever pedicure. What’s more luxurious is that I had them all at home! Yep, the masseuse and manicurists came to our house so my Mum and I could indulge in a little pampering. Since it isn’t easy for her to get out of the house anymore, it suited us perfectly.

So now we’re home in Perth and have settled back into a routine of sorts, loving that it’s still school holidays and Noah is home all day long. We’ll stay in relaxy {that should be a word!} holiday mode for another week, and then into ‘getting ready for school mode’ the week after in time for school to start in early feb.

I had a ton of emails to get through and I got through most of them last night :o} So now I’m hoping to get into some post writing. I have some things from last year I still wanted to share and some things you’ve been asking about, and I realised I didn’t even write about our Christmas but it’s probably a bit late for that now, so might save it for december this year. I have lots of back to school emails / messages coming through and I’ll do up a post soon. As well as travelling with kids questions! So if you’d like to add a question or two, feel free! :o}

I hope the New Year has started well for you. And thank you so much for the support you showed me all through last year. Each and every comment and message and email meant a lot! And I can’t wait to share some of our 2013 with you.