If you were a reader last year, you might remember I teamed up with the lovely Jade to create some keepsake Christmas printables

I debated whether I should leave them the same and just change the date to 2012, or to do up a whole different look. 

I decided to go for a new look – so I hope that you like them! 

As with last year, there are 6 printable sheets;
My Christmas
My Family
My Christmas Tree
My Santa
My Handprint
My Wishlist

They make the sweetest keepsakes as a little snapshot of your kiddo at Christmas in 2012. You’ll have a record of their handprint, how they might write their name, what they think their family looks like as well as some answers to a simple questionnaire about how they spent their Christmas. 

I just pulled out ours from last year and it made my heart melt a little bit. Such a gorgeous little memory.

I had wanted to photograph some of the things we have done with them this year BUT we have been so busy with end of school year things lately that we haven’t touched them. They are sitting ever patiently waiting for a little free time. Thankfully it’s our last day of school today! {YAY!} so I am sure they’ll be used in the coming days.

Instead of making you wait even longer for them though I thought I’d pop them up anyway. You can see what we all got up to with them last year if you would like a little inspiration or to see what some of the finished pages could look like. 

They are all available in one pack this year – nice and easy! :o}

I hope you enjoy them with your families and that next year you will love looking back at how your kids saw their Christmas in 2012!