Day 10 :

I am absolutely DELIGHTED to share my review of Superfoods for Kidz with you today! 
As you would already know, we are careful with what the kids eat and we avoid additives, preservatives, colours and artificial flavours where possible. We have seen a huge improvement in our kids skin conditions like eczema and rashes by avoiding their trigger additives like cochineal (colour 120) and annato (colour 160b) {both of which are listed as ‘natural’ colours by the way!}
Which is why I am always happy to find products for kids that help keep them healthy and happy, without additives and nasty chemicals that they just don’t need!

Superfoods for Kidz by Nutra Organics is a range of awesome products designed especially for children. They have 3 kinds of Superfood powders, Berry Choc Chunk, C Berry Blast and Vital Veggie Power. 
Plus they also have these yummy and perfect for the lunch box Berry Choc Chunk bars!

I have been lucky enough to trial these products over the past few weeks in our home and on my kiddos. I try to make sure we are eating a lot of healthy, home made from scratch foods. And while I have one excellent eater, Chloe will eat a plate of veggies in all colours of the rainbow every day! Noah on the other hand will eat raw carrot and cucumber. And that’s it. Seriously.

It is super frustrating but I get around it by providing him with his carrot sticks and cucumber everyday and by bulking up our food with a ton of veggies. They’re ‘hidden’ but he knows they’re in there, if that makes sense. He just don’t want to see them, and he’s happy! 

But I have still been concerned about his vegetable intake. I just haven’t felt like it was enough. Step in Superfoods for Kidz Vital Veggie Power

I love this stuff. I really love this stuff. It’s awesome and so very versatile. 

Look at what is in it! All certified Organic carrot, mango, pumpkin, tomato, broccoli, sprout, barley grass, spirulina, alfalfa, psyilium husk and chlorella. Phew! 

1 teaspoon of Vital Veggie Power (about 3g) equals 50g of veggies. That is music to my ears! And great for my veggie hating son’s body! 

We have used it in so many of our recipes lately, it is so easy just to add to things we already cook, boosting the nutritional value of our meals. {Not just for the kids but us too!}
Here we did our home made chicken nuggets that are crumbed in preservative free breadcrumbs {make your own from preservative free bread} mixed with some Vital Veggie Power and a little pink salt and pepper and then cooked as normal in a pan. The kids LOVED them and said they were the best chicken nuggets we had ever made. Thanks so much to Natural New Age Mum for the idea!

 I also used it to make a dip. In 5 seconds flat. I just used some cream cheese {check your cream cheese, the blocks are usually fine, the mini tubs are full of preservatives} and mixed a teaspoon or two of the Vital Veggie Power in with a little bit of pink salt and served with carrot sticks and organic crackers. Easy healthy snack with a great veggie boost without them even knowing! :o}
Another way we have been using it is to just sprinkle on top and mix into many of our dinners like spaghetti bolognese! How easy is that!!!?

 We also LOVE the Berry Choc Chunk. It is SO YUMMY!! At first my kids weren’t too used to the taste so I added a teaspoon of raw organic cacao powder to add a little chocolately-ness but have since been giving it to the kids just as it is, blended up in to a smoothie with some milk and ice.

They LOVE it and drink it all up when I make it for them. Such a great and easy way to get some extra goodness into my kids after school. You could also add some fruit like banana or strawberry or sprinkle this on top of ice cream or yoghurt. There is something so satisfying about giving my kids something I know is really really good for them and them loving it and eating or drinking it til it’s gone. LOVE that feeling and getting that a lot with the Superfoods for Kidz range.
The C Berry Blast is yummy too, to me it kind of has a blackcurrent taste but is filled with berries liek Acai and Goji. We have made little ice blocks with it for the kids to enjoy on a hot day and have also added it to some additive free orange juice. Yum! 1 teaspoon of C Berry Blast is equal to 40-50g of fresh fruit berries, so absolutely awesome if your kiddos don’t like their super healthy fruits {like Noah, who only eats apple and banana!!}

AND then there is the Berry Choc Chunk bar!! Now this is SO good. I love them and may have sneaked a couple without the kids seeing so I didn’t have to share, but it really makes an excellent lunch box treat or road trip snack! It’s packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more, and is organic, raw, gluten, soy, nut and dairy free with no processed sugars and no artificial colours or flavours. Yep, so good! Both my kids love these and that is saying something for Noah who although is getting easier to feed has always been super fussy.
The Superfoods for Kidz range is just packed with fantastic goodness for growing kiddos. They are organic and 100% natural, raw, gluten, dairy, soy and nut free. They don’t use processed sugar or artificial colours or flavours in their products. 
I am super happy and we love them, especially the Vital Veggie Power, I think that is my favourite because it’s a problem area in regards to feeding Noah. 
The kids favourite is definitely the Berry Choc Chunk – they LOVE it and it is such a great source of so many good things they really wouldn’t get otherwise.
And lucky for you the very lovely people at Superfoods for Kidz are giving ONE lucky reader the a chance to win ONE 300g jar of their Vital Veggie Power or C Berry Blast or Berry Choc Chunk! Yes, you get to choose which one you would like to try with your family!! :o} Yay!
They are also giving ALL of you 15% off your order until December 8 2012 using the code ‘delightful‘ so head on over and take advantage of this great special, I know I will be!

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