I have been thinking of Jill Meagher all weekend.
How unfair it is that she doesn’t get another day.
How sad I am for her beautiful family.

How scared she must have been.

How I will never understand how someone can have absolutely no respect for life. 
How the world is speckled with horrid people.
How I cannot comprehend how someone could treat another human being with such abhorrent cruelty.
How scared I am sometimes that I am raising my children in this world.

I have read so many comments about ‘the message’ we need to take from Jill’s death.
How women need to not walk around at night by ourselves… 

I know this message is important, I am not trying to diminish that we should be careful and exercise caution but at the same time I also know that women all over the world are going to be walking home tonight, late, by themselves. It’s just something that happens, everywhere. I have done it myself, where I live but also two streets away from Kings Cross. I don’t believe it is because we do not value our lives or because we are mindless or naive. It is what it is and we do what we do. It’s life.

The other message I am seeing a lot is that we need to teach our girls how to protect themselves. Yes, of course we do, but this also portrays that Jill didn’t know how to look after herself, that she was not taught how to protect herself. 
And that’s not what I want to take away from this awful tragedy.
That’s not what I want to learn from Jill.

What I want to learn from Jill is that 5 minutes is a lot
Life can change so much in just 5 minutes. Maybe positively, maybe negatively, maybe even irreversibly. In just 5 minutes. 

What I want to learn from Jill is that life is so damn precious. 
That we don’t know how long we’re here for. 
And although we can’t really live each day like it is our last {coz let’s face it, we’d never clean or do laundry or dishes now would we!} we can go through each day and remember it is a gift. We can go through each day and find something to be grateful for. We can live authentically. We can be true. We can be kind. And we can show our families as often as possible that we love them more than anything. 
That is what I want to learn from Jill.



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