I often get asked for tips and tricks on how to manage mess in the house.
Just for the record – my house is often MESSY. Toys everywhere, especially hiding under the couch. 
Stuff that hasn’t been put away. Our house is a normal house and it’s well lived in. 
I have kids and have had to change my expectations some-what as to what I class as ‘messy’. But in a previous life {pre husband and kids} I was a complete neat freak who couldn’t sleep at all if there was something that needed cleaning or cushions that needed straightening. I have learnt that I need to be much more relaxed about mess now.

But there are times when my kids’ mess seems to have multiplied all of a sudden and in the span of 20 minutes we’ve gone from ‘not so bad’ mess to ‘omgawd’ mess.

So when we get to this level and I start to get a little overwhelmed {ie OCD neat freak in me is awakened}, it’s time for 5 jobs in 5 minutes. :o} 

I find that the kiddos are usually really keen to help, especially as it is very quick {usually less than 5 minutes!} and it’s all over red rover. They like the satisfaction of completing jobs easily {just like we do!} and 5 is an easy number for them to understand.
I will give each a job {and do one too} and once it is done we get another until we’ve done 5 jobs. 
It is normally simple things like “pick the cushion up off the floor please” as 1 job, “put the pencil away in the jar please” as another job, “pick up all the blocks please” as another and so on. 
Easy and quick and when the three of us {or sometimes 4 if hubby is home} each do 5 little jobs, we’re done in a teeny amount of time and then continue on with what ever we were doing in a lot less clutter!
The kids usually have to pack up everything from the day before dinner so if we do this 5 jobs in 5 minutes at some point during the day, their job before dinner when they’re tired and cranky is much easier.
What do you do at your house with the level of clutter gets a bit much?