Last night ‘anonymous’ came and posted this comment on my ‘about me’ page:

I wish I was as good a mom as you. I wish I read your blog before I had kids. I will never be good enough. You are perfect, your kids are so lucky. They always have a clean house, healthy food, crafts to do and a creative and loving mom. I have days where I think I’m ok at it, and days where I really fail at it. I wish I was better, more like you. Thank you for your blog.

I feel a huge need to respond to this. Because I can’t ignore it.

Dear Anonymous,

I need for you to know that there is nothing wrong with who you are, with what kind of Mum you are. That you are most definitely good enough. We all have days where we think we are failing. We all have days were we are less than our best. Where we let our kids watch too much TV, or have a too little patience, or skip a few pages here and there of the bed time story {until your kids get too old for that trick!}. Trust me when I tell you I am no different from you. 

You see, the trouble with blogging is sometimes you don’t see the hard stuff, the kid tantrums or the feeling so overwhelmed you need to have a cry to your husband. 
Sometimes you don’t see the everyday stuff, the chips in the paint all down our hallway or the photo in the bathroom that we have been meaning to hang back up for 6 months, the laundry that needs folding, the dishes in the sink, the dusty playroom shelves. 

You only see what we show you on our little pieces of the world wide web. 
I don’t often show the hard or everyday stuff, not because I want to portray that I have it all together ALL of the time, but because my blogging time is limited, and so I show you our fun, the crafts, the recipes, the activities, the printables. Good stuff. I just don’t often have enough time to show you the everyday stuff. But I am just like anyone else. I have days where have it all worked out. And I have days where it feels everything is falling apart. 

I am not perfect. No one is. 

At the end of the day we are all the same. We love our children and want what is best for them. 
We all probably question ourselves, doubt ourselves and wish we were better mothers. 

But take a step back and remember that what children really need is just to feel loved and to be kept safe. 
And you do that. You are not failing. 
Keep count of all the things you did do today, big or small. Remember all the ways you were there for your kiddo, all the ways you showed them that they are important and that you love them. 
Life and love are in the little things, the fleeting moments of the day.
And tomorrow is shiny and new.