Thank you for all your lovely comments on my post about feeding my kiddos. I am sorry I haven’t responded to them yet and yes, I have seen the not so nice comments that a couple of people left. It is what it is and we eat this way as a choice we make – everyone has the right to choose their own path and I am not trying to preach or make anyone feel guilty. I hope that it didn’t come across like that!

Here is the home made ‘milo’ recipe as promised to share. I didn’t make this up, but adapted it from another recipe {linked below}. It is very easy to make and oh so yummy.
When I got my thermomix one of the first things I did was make this ‘milo’ for my kiddos. {ok and for me too!} I think if you have a good food processor or similar this would work well in there too.

Check out Milo’s advertising and you’ll find most of the ‘goodness of milo’ is from the milk you add it to. This recipe is full of actual goodness, before you add the milk :o} And doesn’t have any not so great ingredients, is high in protein and lower in sugar.

All of these yummy ingredients magically combine to make a home made healthy ‘milo’ full of goodness and yumminess. 

The original recipe calls for a cup of sugar {rapadura} and a cup of cocoa. I decided to use 1/2 a cup of raw sugar and 1/2 cup of organic cacao powder instead and also omitted the brazil nuts and pecans as they can be quite bitter. I added chia seed instead of sesame and we used more almond and some hazelnut in place of the brazil nuts and pecans. This time I also put in a tbsp less linseed as I find linseed pretty strong in flavour.
We are really loving it like this. For us it’s the perfect balance of flavours :o}

I made the original recipe the first time with only a few changes {we didn’t have any brazil nuts, pecans or sesame seeds} and really loved it, but I always change things to suit our tastes or try to find ways to ‘make it better’ and my adapted recipe is the one I am sharing with you here.

I make this in my thermomix as it is so powerful and able to grind up these seeds really well. If you don’t have a thermomix and are trying this in your food processor and find that it is unable to grind up the chia and linseeds I would buy the linseed and chia seed already ground from the health food shop.

Home Made Healthy ‘Milo’

2 Tbsp each of sunflower seed, pepita/pumpkin, linseed and chia seeds
1/2 cup of almonds
1/4 cup of toasted hazelnuts {with the skins removed as they can be quite bitter}
1/4 cup of cashews

1/2 cup of cocoa or cacao powder
1/2 cup of sugar or rapadura if you are trying to use natural sweetener. 
I find rapadura very strong in flavour, it’s quite distinct and unfortunately not a favourite around here so I used organic raw sugar but have halved the amount from the original recipe!


1. First grind your linseed and chia until quite fine {if using a thermomix grind on speed 9 for 20 seconds}

2. Then add the other seeds {sunflower and pepita} and all of the nuts and grind until fine.  You may have to scrape down the sides. {if using a thermomix grind on speed 9 for 5-10 seconds} Don’t do this bit for too long as you don’t want it to become a paste. 

3. Now add your sugar and cocoa powder and mix through. {if using a thermomix mix on speed 7 for 3 seconds}

This recipe made us just over a jar and 1/2 {these are tomato paste jars} after we sampled a few teaspoons and made 4 very generous drinks. Best stored in the fridge.

The poster of the original recipe mentions that the ground nuts offer complete protein and a good dose of antioxidants and the many other vitamins and minerals found naturally in nuts. 
The seeds are rich in macronutrients and vitamins and minerals. All good stuff to help kids grow!

I put a teaspoon or two into milk for the kids and hubby will put a teaspoon or two into the big batch of porridge that the three of them share some mornings. It is so yummy on ice cream and shhh just off the spoon!

Hope you enjoy this if you try it out! Let me know how you go :o}