Currently, Chloe absolutely loves colours and is always asking me what colour things are. 
So a little while ago, I decided to make these colour cards for her.

I made it super easy for myself – and just made them into 6×4 photo sized jpg’s that I could print at Big W. Yep – no cutting them out :o}
I did however round the corners. Why not. Since I am so behind in project life currently – I was itching to round the corners on something … 

I then laminated all the cards using some 6×4 laminating pouches I bought from Kmart. I love them! Again, no cutting!
I also hole punched them at the top and added two metal rings to make the cards into a little flip book.
We sit on the couch and go through her little colour flip book together – she loves it!
 And because we punched them and put them on those metal rings, we can take which ever colour cards we want out to use for other things, like this colour sorting activity. This has been a favourite activity around here for a few weeks now. 
 Easy, educational, fun and very useful! 
 You can download the zip file with all the jpgs here – just bring them to your photo printing place and print them as 6×4’s :o}
For those that would prefer to print at home using A4 paper – I have included a zip file with pdf’s of the colour cards as well – they will be smaller than a 6×4 photo though, but would work just as well :o} You can download those here.
They are zip files – hopefully they work. Please let me know if there are any problemos!

I would love to see any other uses you have for these cards if you make them for your kiddos! :o}


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