So, I really wanted to sit down and write an insightful post about my unplugging experience after reading the article “How To Miss a Childhood” by Rachel aka Hands Free Mama but you know what?

I got nothing.

I had such a busy Mother’s Day weekend that I didn’t really have to ‘try’ unplugging anyway. I didn’t have time for facebook or emails or surfing the web on my phone or my computer except at one moment during my little guy’s footy training on Saturday when I would normally take out my phone and check instagram or facebook ‘just for a moment’… I stopped myself then. I told myself I was at footy and these words from the article really hit home to me:

Focus and smile at her from the stands, sidelines, or the audience … Seeing the joy on your face as you watch is love to your child.

To be honest I did wonder what I was missing {on facebook etc}… that sounds a bit silly doesn’t it. 🙁

On Saturday night I might have been facebooking, reading blogs and following a rabbit hole of 30 different links on Pinterest usually but instead I watched Game of Thrones with hubby. Again, it didn’t really feel like ‘trying’ to unplug as I always love to spend time with him and Game of Thrones is a show we really enjoy together.

Then today, being Mother’s day, I was busy enjoying myself that I didn’t really think about spending anytime online or on any social media until I took a photo on instagram and then proceeded to check the instagram feed and ‘liked’ a few photos. I thought to myself “oops – I just failed my attempt!” But realised that really, avoiding it completely isn’t what I need to be doing. What I need to be doing is learning that there is a healthy use of social media and an unhealthy use of social media. And what I was doing before was bordering unhealthy. I would check something {facebook/emails/instagram/blog comments/uni discussion board/pinterest} throughout the day, it felt like my phone lived in my hand and that I sat at my computer most nights.

You see, I almost live and breath the internet. I communicate with family through it. I share our life, photos, funny moments and hardships through it. I email and skype with family. It is easy especially when my family do not live here, and most are in different time zones!
I blog on it. I read blogs. I comment on blogs. I check the blogs facebook page. I reply to about two dozen blog related emails per day.
And then I study through it. I even study it! Internet communications is my major. I study how the Internet is changing, how it has changed commerce, personal branding, communities, curation. I study how we use it, what we use it for. I do this all online through my university.
So I spend a lot of time at the computer and communicating through the internet. A lot! I work hard to try and balance being a mama / being a wife / studying / running a household / blogging. I study only when my kids are asleep {naps / night time} and try to blog only then, too. But checking something {facebook/emails/pinterest/etc etc} ‘quickly‘ … well that I was doing throughout the day. Too much.

And although I don’t feel like I was neglecting my children or really missing their childhood, there were times when I would ask them to “wait a minute” so that I could finish reading something online, or because I needed to click on that link right then and right there. Really Bianca? That link is more important than checking out the huge awesome it’s the coolest ever block building? No. And this is what I am taking from that amazing article. This is what I learnt and this is what is changing around here. Because nothing is more important than checking out that huge awesome it’s the coolest ever block building!

When did it become more important for me to check out a link to an awesome craft to do with my kids while making them ‘wait a minute‘? I can check the link later. It will still be there. But the huge awesome it’s the coolest ever block building probably won’t be.

So although I didn’t quite unplug completely – I feel I made a big step in the right direction in making sure I am doing what is best for my family and for me and I am so glad I’ve realised this.