I’ve had a few sobering experiences these past few weeks. Some reminders that life is so very special. That it is a gift that can so easily be taken for granted. That we only have so much time here, and sometimes people leave too soon. And some have to go through amazing hardships just to be here. Just to get through the day to see a tomorrow.

I should know this. I have watched suffering. I have seen hardship. My own Mum has been suffering for 17 years. Yet still I seem to sometimes need a reminder that my life is so good. Sometimes I feel like I am just floating through the days, forgetting that I can make every single day count, even if in just a small way. Gosh, that makes me sound ungrateful doesn’t it!?

Some days I forget to be grateful for this life. My children are healthy. My husband and I are here. My family is loving, caring and always there for us (even if a plane ride or two away). I am lucky and I am blessed in so many ways.
And at the end of the day, the most important thing really truly is the people who hold a place in my heart. My family is everything. My husband is incredible. My children are the greatest and most amazing gifts and I am thankful for each day I have with them.

For Mother’s Day I wanted to give my children {and hubby and myself} a reminder that THIS IS YOUR LIFE.  I was first inspired by this poster here. And then by this post here. And I combined them and took what was meaningful to me, and added some of my own to make this for our home.

These are all the things I want to teach my children. They are the things I want them to know, to learn and to take into adulthood with them. These are the things that I will stand for, that I value and that I will keep close to me as I parent them.
I want them to know that although life is our everyday stuff – school, work, chores, bills, responsibilities, life is also the chance to do something good, make something count or enjoy something with every day that we are given. Big or small. And for the times when we forget and get caught up in the blur of busy lives, I want to stop and look at this, I want them to stop and look at this, and remember that we are capable of so much.

This is what I want to spend my days doing. Teaching my children all of this. This is my gift to them, on Mother’s Day and every single day.
I am beyond grateful that I have the opportunity to be a Mama. For me that is the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever receive. It is truly the stuff my dreams are made of.

Happy Mother’s Day :o}
I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful families! x

I know I haven’t been around here much lately. Thank you for still being here. It is crunch time at uni and I’m swamped with more study than I can wade through at the moment. I am spending my spare time with my family. I will be back hopefully next week to share my little girl’s 2nd birthday {geez that went by fast!}, some more autumny fun and maybe a little bit of our sydney holiday!

ps. I read this article here and I am unplugging completely for the weekend. I will admit to needing a social media detox and what a perfect time to do it – Mother’s day weekend. I am going to soak up my little family 110%. See you next week!