Easter is fast approaching and we finally found our crafting mojo last week. 
We made our traditional Easter Bunny paper plates.

These are last years.

I really love these and we have been doing them since Noah was 2. The ears are made using a trace of their footprints. I have shared them before, you can look here for some instructions if you like. 

This year, Noah was in charge. We did them his way. They have button noses. They are too cute.

But they aren’t easy to keep for those of us who like to keep things like this. I usually take the footprint part off to put in the kids’ albums as a keepsake but now I don’t have to. Here is a printable Bunny face – which you can use for a whole range of crafts or activities but we used them to make an extra lot of Bunny faces with their footprints that will be easy to keep as they’re flat and will fit in a keepsake box or album.
Don’t they look cute? 
Download them here.
I also really loved the look of this Easter garland here. I thought it would be cute to have a little Easter garland painted by the kids hanging on our mantle. They would of course look cute printed onto lovely card stock too if you like.
The kids painted them with cotton tips.
When the paint was dry we glued cotton balls on them for tails. 
I hole punched their ears and strung them onto twine. :o} 

Cute Easter garland :o}
Download them here

Tomorrow – posting about project life – finally! :o} 

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