Post number two for today! 
I have a lot to share with you guys since I was slack last week!! 
Since putting up an Ikea Ribba shelf for use as a mantle at Christmastime, I have been enjoying decorating it for other occasions such as Australia Day and now also Valentine’s Day.
For our Valentine’s day mantle we made this cute cute button heart by glueing buttons onto a piece of card stock in the shape of a heart and placed it into a shadow box frame when it was dry.
We also made this doily and button garland spelling out LOVE to hang beneath the mantle.
 I used some fishing line and threaded through the doilies. A little bit of tape on the back secured them to the fishing line so they wouldn’t just slide down. :o}
Add a few other Valentine’s related things and we have a simple but cute mantle of looooove. :o}
Some Valentine’s printables coming your way tomorrow. I am so excited about them. Thank you to those of you who sent me some suggestions on Facebook the other day! x