The other week I finally tidied up my desk and made room for Project Life.
It meant I had to stick my printer up the top of my desk {this is an Ikea Expedit desk which used to be hubby’s and now I use it since he doesn’t need a large desk anymore}. Not my favourite option, but needed so I have plenty of work space on my desk, even when the lap top is on there.
On the top shelf I have the cute wooden divided box I bought when holidaying in Albany {WA}. I am not sure what it was originally designed for but it was used for pens and pencils on my desk prior to being filled with Project Life stuff. 
My 2012 Project Life album is also up here – keeping everything in easy reach. The little tin bucket behind the photo of my kiddos and I has the corner rounder punch in it, and behind that is an empty Project Life core kit box where I put photos that I have printed but have not yet placed in the album.
Here is a close up of the box. Nice and labelled. The compartment at the end holds all the stickers and the date stamp and ink pad, keeping everything in one place – nice and easy.
 This is one side of the lower shelf. The tin bucket holds bits and bobs – my to do list and menu planner clip boards and a note pad. I have a container for pens and pencils and I also keep my diary and my Kikki-K 2012 planner here so it is within easy reach. The tin bucket at the back is for receipts! I just dump them in there and go through them when I do my filing – file away any that need to be kept for warranties etc {photocopy them first as they will fade over time!} and the others get chucked out. 
This side of the lower shelf houses my external hard drive as well as a tin bucket with ruler and calculator. I like having these things at hand all the time as I use them both most days. The mocha coloured box contains my camera cable, iPhone cable and my camera battery chargers as these get used on a daily basis I felt they needed a tidy spot for keeping. The little dish houses my phone, hair ties and earrings that I often take off at my desk so they don’t get lost. It also stops my MacBook charger from sliding off my desk when I move my laptop. :o}
Underneath the desk there are 4 more cubes. I keep Noah and Chloe’s albums here so they are easy to reach. Noah’s school album is down here too and a spare Project Life album. The basket on the top shelf to the left, right above the albums, is where I put all the things that need to be put into the kids’ albums. Art work, certificates etc, all get placed in here for safe keeping until I get the whole basket out when I work on their albums. The other {mismatched} baskets and boxes are currently empty.
 Don’t worry, my desk does not look like this all of the time! Right now I have 2 different piles of paper on here, some books and my laminator. :o}
Our office + theatre room are the same room – so it can get a little cramped in here. But when our desks are tidy, it is actually a peaceful room :o}
See that in the corner? That used to be my desk. Yep – way too small haha! So glad hubby swapped with me :o}