After making our aussie bush garland we also made some ocean creatures – which is why we started collecting the gumnuts, jacaranda pods and leaves in the first place. 
On one of our walks we noticed that the jacaranda pods looked like stingrays. We then decided to hunt for more things that could resemble an ocean creature {since that is our theme at the moment} and worked out that leaves could look like eels or sea snakes and gumnuts could look like jellyfish or octopus. 
We just glued googly eyes onto the jacaranda pods and the leaves. 
The octopus / jellyfish are a little more difficult, involving flooding the inside with glue…
and placing cut up twine in the glue and allowing it to dry {preferably upright, so the glue doesn’t run out of the gumnut}. And then afterwards, glueing some googly eyes on. 
Noah had a lot of fun with cutting up the twine himself, and then stuffing the gumnut full of glue. 
All the while Chloe just made a mess with the googly eyes. 
We then made a little tissue paper ocean for them, complete with seaweed {cut up green felt strips} and a paper rock to hide under.
Do you see any aussie bush ocean creatures in your future?