Ready for some more printables?
The very lovely Jade from Super Organiser Mum may not be blogging at the moment, but she is still as fabulous as always and we got together a little while ago to create some Keepsake Christmas printables to help capture a snippet of our kiddos at the most magical time of year – Christmas.
Jade is always full of great ideas and we just had a ball sitting around chatting and creating. xx
So we thought we would share them with you too – there are 6. Yes, 6! :o} Yay!

My Wishlist: 
This is a cute way to keep a record of what your kiddos asked for this Christmas, with the awesome addition of a space for them to draw an item or two as well. This year it is all about scooters for my boy. He said to me that he would like to write to Santa and tell him that he’s changed his mind and doesn’t want anything that he wrote on his list originally, and he just wants one present. A scooter. LOVE the picture.
I asked Noah to write his age next to his name so we can remember that it was 2011 and that he was 4.
My Handprint:
On this page you can do what you like when it comes to recording your kiddos handprint. We decided to try out making some reindeer. They turned out cute, even if they didn’t come out perfectly or fit the page. You could trace your kiddos hand too.
My Christmas Tree:
Just a simple page with a simple Christmas tree outline for the kids to decorate as they wish. 
Jade’s here is showing a tree decorated with cute stickers! Love how this turned out! Nice alternative to paint which can get messy. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with stickers?!
We did paint with ours, using ear buds after seeing the cute idea on Pinterest. 
Even Chloe was able to do this one – she likes the repetitive ‘dot dot dotting’ with the paint. You could also glue tissue paper or other bits and pieces, or colour with pencils and crayons and add some glitter. 
My Santa:
Just a cute page offering the opportunity for the kiddos to draw their version of Santa :o} I really love their drawings! 
This one is from Jade:
Love the glasses!
And this one is Noah’s:
Note Santa has a reindeer. Too cute!
My Family:
Let the kiddos draw a picture of the family and perhaps include a Christmas tree! I asked Noah to draw a tree and I love that it looks upside down. He’s never drawn a Christmas tree before so I was watching him do this and could see his brain just tick tick ticking away with how to draw it. 
My Christmas: 
A short interview page where you can jot down some of the Christmas memories your child has had this year. Some questions can be filled out prior to Christmas day if you like!

They are all A4 sized printables, nice and easy to stick into your project life albums or kids scrapbooks :o}

We hope you and your kiddos enjoy these and that they help you with keeping some special Christmas memories!
Have a very Merry Christmas!!
Jade + Bianca

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