This year we had a  nice and easy Father’s day.
My darling husband had his Mum visit for Father’s day which was a lovely treat for all of us. We don’t have any family close by and so it is always lovely to have some visit :o}

We started the day with the obligatory jump on Daddy to wake him up and shower him with love and hugs and kisses and gifts. 
Chloe took great delight in handing Daddy his card. We call her ‘mop’ as you can see her hair is pretty much a mop!
Noah made the cutest little frame and picture of him and his Dad at school. It was wrapped up in hand made wrapping paper and he carefully hid it in his bedroom so Daddy wouldn’t find it before the big day.
We also gave him our Picture of Dad printables and the interview Noah filled out for him. These were a hit, and my hubby loved the answers. 
I bought him a beautiful key ring from The Copper Poppy for Father’s day from the kiddos and he loved it.
We then moved on to breakfast, and Noah dutifully took his Daddy’s order and we got busy in the kitchen. 
We spent the day just chilling and enjoying some chocolate, a yummy lunch followed by some nap time and then some outside play. Hubby requested a pot roast in the slow cooker for dinner, with vegies, mash and gravy and I am so glad I didn’t dissapoint. I’ve only made a pot roast 3 times now and so each time I get a little nervous that it isn’t going to come out right!
Such a lovely day. The kiddos totally love this guy. And he totally loves his kids. 
 I hope all the Dads had a lovely day :o}
a little delightful