Thank you for all your lovely comments on the Father’s Day all about  my dad + a picture of my dad printable. I am really hoping you’ll share some of your kiddos answers and pictures with me. I love their view on the world, and their logic and sense of humour! 
I’m sharing another printable today.
 It’s a Father’s Day breakfast order card as well as a Happy Father’s Day tent card and a ’10 things we love about you’ note. I plan on using these in the morning for Father’s Day breakfast. Noah is going to get a huge kick out of taking Daddy’s ‘order’ in the morning. 
 {Now of course I won’t have every single item on this ‘menu’ available for choosing in the morning. I’ve mentioned to my hubby that I’m making up an order card for him so Noah can ask him what he’d like for breakfast. As I already know what he’ll be ‘ordering’ I can be prepared but still let Noah have all the fun}.
The little tent card I am going to use on the breakfast tray. It could also be used as a little bag topper or even a label on an envelope or wrapped gift :o}

And we will also include this ’10 things we love about you’ with his breakfast :o} I will use it as a little space to write something to him from not just the kids, but me too. I know he’s not my dad, but he is the father to my children, and an amazing one at that.  
We’ll be filling out these out for the grandfather’s, too. 
You can download the set here.
Enjoy :o}
As always, these printables are free for personal use only. They are © 2011 Bianca – a little delightful. 
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