Father’s day is next Sunday! That crept up fast as we’ve been super busy and now have sick kiddos so I find it easy to lose track of time.
I was really loving a lot of the ‘all about my dad’ printables on Pinterest and wanted to make up my own for Noah to fill out with his answers for his dad. I wasn’t keen on using ones that had pounds, feet, inches etc on it so made one that was more generic. I thought I’d share it with you :o}
 I love the answers Noah gave me to these questions and I just know this will make hubby smile when he sees it on Father’s Day. Especially the answer to how old he is, 28 {haha} and how he is “up to the roof” tall. 
Download here.
 I so LOVE the picture he drew of him giving his Daddy a Father’s day present. Apparently Daddy will love it very much and so that is why he has a big big smile on his face. 
We have gone from legs coming straight out of the bottom of heads to now having little round bellies. Too cute, I love his drawings!
Download here.
Also, you can download
a picture of my grandad here
a picture of my _____ here
I would like to apologise for all the annoying ads on the download site, and for the ones that pop up!!
I will probably laminate these so they don’t get orange juice or the like splashed on them at our Father’s day breakfast table. :o}
More Father’s Day printables on their way! 
For what we did last year, have a look here.
As always, these printables are free for personal use only. They are © Bianca – a little delightful. Please e-mail me with any queries regarding this {or other} printables. Thank you.
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