It really pays to have friends that are teachers. I know a few and not only are they such an inspiration to me, they also have some nifty hints and tricks!
One of these I will share with you today. I was blown away by how easy this is, and how vibrant the colours ended up being.
I’ve always thought dying pasta would be difficult, or messy. I attempted to colour pasta once before, with paint. What a mess.
But using this fabulous tip meant I had coloured pasta in no time, with no mess!

You will need:
Uncooked pasta
Hand sanitizer {containing alcohol}
Food dye
and zip lock bags
a tray
paper or baking paper

Place your pasta in a ziplock bag. Put 1-2 squirts of hand sanitizer in the bag, and then some drops of food dye. Close it up and gently ‘massage’ the pasta so as to spread the colouring evenly all over. Do this bit gently especially if you’re using a pasta that has some pointy bits otherwise they’ll tear little holes in your bag!

Allow to sit for a few minutes in the bag.

Line a tray with paper or baking paper {I used baking paper because I ended up putting my pasta tray in the oven to speed the drying process}.
Empty the bag of pasta onto the paper. Allow to dry in the sun or on a table inside. If you need it soon, you can put the tray {with baking paper} in the oven on ‘defrost’ mode for a little while until dry.

Pretty, isn’t it! I’m excited about all the crafts we can do with pasta :o}

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