I love to decorate my house at Christmastime, and it’s nice when there is something Christmassy everywhere I look.
Here are a few of the little areas that have been decorated:
This year I thought adding garlands to the kids’ doors would be a nice touch. Our hallway is especially bare and quite long and I’ve enjoyed this addition to our home decorating.
The pink one is from Myer and the little mini red stockings are a fabulous find for under $4 from Big W.
Our Advent Calendar is up!
The totally cute candy jar I found at Spotlight {bought for our Halloween party} filled with a few spare ornaments. I love how this turned out.
A small collection of Santas. It’s a tradition to add one each year, but my Santa collection sadly got ruined so this is all that is left, with the 3 little ones having all been bought in 2009 when travelling in Europe. One from Finland, one from Sweden and the one on the end is from Russia and is a matryoshka doll.
These are new and I love their soft look. Angel and JOY blocks from Bed Bath and Table.
Another Bed Bath and Table buy, though this one is a few years old now. We don’t use the advent calendar, it’s just a super cute decoration. The jar is from Target and came filled with candy mints. The candy canes are plastic and fill a cute glass milk bottle.
Our pantry door in the kitchen was pretty bare and missing out on Christmas love so I used an old wreath to brighten it up.
And another of those totally cute mini stocking garlands hang from the upstand kitchen bench. 
And our new wreath went out onto the front door. 
My husband thinks I go over the top a little bit.
What is your home looking like this Christmas? 
Do you love the decorating?