We have a little veggie patch growing in our back yard.

Master 3 has been so excited about it, diligently watering the brocollini, carrots, tomato, spring onion and his favourite herb, oregano. 
We pulled the carrots out a couple of weeks ago. I had the camera ready to capture Master 3’s face as he viewed his tenderly cared for vegetable, only for us all to be surprised that it was a teeny, tiny carrot. “Not ready” his daddy said, as they pushed it back into the patch. 
The tomatos were ripening on the vine and turning a lovely red, but they were also tiny. Some looked like cherry tomatoes, which would be good, if they were supposed to be cherry tomatoes.
 I told Master 3 to leave them be as they would probably get bigger before they were ready to be picked. 
He couldn’t help it.
So we went ahead and pulled out some carrots too, thinking surely they should be bigger by now!
In all my disappointment at how teeny tiny all our home grown vegetables are, I almost missed his pure excitement. He didn’t care they were tiny. He didn’t care that they weren’t perfect. I guess this is a lesson in being thankful for what you get. For not expecting too much. For enjoying life’s little quirks.
I am thankful my 3 year old reminded me to live and enjoy the moment. 
He is thankful that his “Buddy” gets to eat all of this.
Overall we had a lovely and productive weekend.
I did some more Halloween prep which I will share later.

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